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I'm so sorry for this, but I've decided to leave loveaffairicons. Two of the other communities I currently post out have both asked me to become exlusive just to them, and I'm taking that opportunity. [And I have something else possibly pending... but never mind that for now.] I really feel bad for just leaving, but I feel like this community is not as active as it was when Kat and I first started out. I also am aware that many of you belong to the other communities I post at, and mostly comment over there anyway.

I just want to say thank you so much for staying apart of loveaffairicons and helping us reach to over 500 members! This is such a huge accomplishment, and I appreciate everyone who commented and used the graphics Kat and I have made. As for Kat, I... have no clue what she'll do. I love her to pieces, and I know she's incredibly busy leading her own life right now. I'm sure she'll adress this when she can. She's so talented and creative; I have no doubt that if she decides to keep this community running, you all will be incredibly pleased with her efforts.

Thanks again for keeping up with this place, and for being such sweethearts. I hope that you all will join fridayglamour and partyicons so you can continue to see my graphics, as well as the graphics of others!

♥ & Chanel,
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