! (chanelshowgirl) wrote in loveaffairicons,

Since this is becoming a huge problem in all the communities I post my graphics in, this will be x-posted:

Anybody who can offer a legitimate link and/or Xanga/Myspace/LJ user name of stealing, hotlinking, re-distributing, or modifying my graphics in any way shape or form will receive a custom graphic of their choice. That means one [1] banner, header, icon, or similar, made to the honest person's specifications.  Details will be worked individually.

Also, if you see any stealing, etc of any of the graphics of ANY of the makers in this community [not just mine], please report it to the mod! It is always so amazingly appreciated when people help out. Please, this really is a big issue that is getting out of control - I don't care if its "just the Internet." The people that post here really take pride in what they do, and it takes a lot of time and energy to create all these pretty things! It makes makers so frustrated to see their work disrespected, so any help you can offer would be fabulous

Love & Chanel,

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