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Welcome to loveaffairicons! As this is a community and not an icon journal, it is not necessary to request us to add you. Click "Join" at the top of the page and wait for your membership to be approved. The one and only reason you will be rejected from this community is if you fail to credit icon makers in your key words or profile! You may, of course, re-apply once all your graphics are properly credited.

If you'd like to be an affiliate, add us first, and comment in this post.

♥ Summer & Kat
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Hey, I added your community as an affiliate to my graphic journal, lluvya_graphics and was wondering if I could be one of your affiliates? Thanks =)

Added you back honey.

Deleted comment

I'm adding you here and over at ethereal_nicole - thanks!
would you like to affiliate with me? reply to this so know to add you back!
I added you doll ;D
would you like to be affiliates with flavor_designs_?
Sure! Adding you now!


12 years ago

Hello! I added you guys as an affiliate.

You have a lovely background btw.
Sure! I'm adding you now, sorry it took so long. Please be sure to add us back!


12 years ago

would you be interested in affiliating with celebrityparty
Sure! I'm adding you back now. And I joined your community. Please be sure to add us back!


12 years ago

I'd love to be affiliates oywiththeicons
Hey! Just wanted to let you know I moved to sweetened_icons I am not divine_icons_ anymore. So if you could change the name on your affiliates list whenever you get the chance, thanks!!
with <lj user="icons_by_jamie"??
would you like to affiliate with bashicons ?
icons_by_jamie moved to sunset_grafs can you change that? Thanks :)
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